Monday Memorabilia/Collections: Plum St. Perfumeries and Chemist

This week’s Christmas Lemax piece is “Plum St. Perfumeries and Chemist”:

Wow, it’s retired? Well, I guess it makes sense since it’s a very specialty sort of piece, but still, kinda neat to have another retired Lemax piece.

The only issue I’ve had with mine is the big perfume bottle on the side came unglued, which is a common complaint with Lemax houses. I’ve been lazy so I haven’t re-glued it, but I’ll have to do that next year (and there’s a few I have to do some re-gluing on.)

I picked this up last year when I was hard-core into looking at issues related to reclaiming beauty and femininity, etc. and all the politics around that, so it was a perfect piece from that perspective.