Monday Memorabilia/Collections: Tracii Guns autograph

I forget what year this was from, somewhere in the 90s when Phil Lewis had left L.A. Guns and a dude named Chris was the new singer.

Since the hair metal days were over, when L.A. Guns came to Vancouver, it was actually a dive bar in the suburbs called Studebakers. Killer show, though, and I think the first show I ever went to at a bar… OK, now I think I know what year it must have been, because I think it was shortly after I turned 19. So… late 1997 or early 1998.

In fact, I hadn’t even gotten my driver’s license yet, and after the show I was waiting just inside the door for my parents to pick me up (LOL…), and since I was hanging around, and coincidentally the green room was right there, I was able to get Tracii Guns’ autograph.

Tracii was holding court inside, talking to one of his bandmates and a couple guys from the opener. I forget now how I came to get him to sign the pic, I think perhaps the bouncer thought I was waiting for an autograph and prompted Tracii to sign? Dunno.

Anyway, here’s a close-up: