From Urinating Tree: “Hockey Has A Culture Problem”

Jesus fucking Christ… that Blackhawks sexual abuse thing is shocking.

Well, maybe not. I mean, there have been stories about such abuse at the juniors level, but in the NHL?

My God.

The shit with the injuries, I guess, isn’t as surprising. These guys get hit hard, as hard as all the football players and UFC guys, and we know a lot more now about the toll those repeated concussions do.

And I’d heard about the one fellow whose team didn’t want him to have a surgery that would actually fix him, who is mentioned briefly here.

One does wonder how many players end up addicted to opiates to deal with their permanent injuries.

We all like to pat ourselves on the back for not being savages like the Romans with their gladiatorial games, but sometimes I wonder about that. Maybe we just pay ours better.