Friday Stitch Day Update: November 12, 2021

Finally onto the bind-off edging on “Interlude” by Shannon Dunbabin:

It’s gonna take a while to bind it all off, but at least it’s getting there.

For stitching, I wasn’t too strict with the daily themes, lol… but for last Friday’s “floral and fauna” theme, I got a little bit done on Blackbird Designs“It’s Spring Fever”:

And a little bit on the tree in “The Birds & the Bees” by Carriage House Samplings:

And for “Merry Monday” I did a bit more on 2018 Santa by Prairie Schooler:

And apart from that, I worked a little bit on “White Pumpkin Patch” by By the Bay Needleart:

The pumpkins are super pale and blend in to the fabric, which isn’t too different from in the original pattern with white thread on a nearly-white fabric. I’m thinking, though, that I might have to backstitch with a very light orange or thread just to make them pop a little bit. I’ll wait until I stitch all the pumpkins to see.

And lastly, I did a bit on “Refuse to Sink” by Hands On Design: