Friday Stitch Day update: October 22, 2021

No finishes this week, but so it goes.

Let’s see here… we’ll start with some dye jobs.

I got these plain white with black stars pillowcases at Homesense a while back and got around to dyeing them:

And there was a bit more aida dyeing as well:

There were more than just these, but you get the idea.

For knitting, the only thing I worked on was the purple shawl (“Interlude” by Shannon Dunbabin):

This thing is on a circular needle that’s really too small for it, so I couldn’t get it stretched enough to really show any of the pattern. However, I’m less than 20 rows from the end of it, so I think I’ll just make this the only knitting I work on til it’s finished and I should be done and ready to block it in a couple weeks.

Next up, stitching.

For Friday’s flora and fauna theme, I of course worked a little bit on “The Birds & the Bees” by Carriage House Samplings:

And a tiny bit on Blackbird Designs“It’s Spring Fever”:

Saturday’s stars & stripes theme had me plugging away at Tiny Modernist‘s “Land of the Free“:

As mentioned, I messed around with the reds a bit. The lightest is DMC 666, and it’s a subtle difference from the one called-for red, but I like it.

Sunday was samplers and I plugged away a bit more at Moira Blackburn Samplers’ “Don’t Worry Spiders“:

I mentioned about trying to figure out which pink I used elsewhere to match it, but while the one I have in the pilar is close, I don’t think it’s actually the right one. However, I ain’t ripping it out now, easier to just go over the small bits of existing pink to make them match the pillar, lol…

I also did a bit on an old WIP, “New England Winter Sampler” by Little House Needleworks:

This is old, man… how old? It’s on 22-count aida but I’m stitching it with 2 strands of floss, lol… which tells me I must have started it like 5 years ago because I haven’t done double strands in that long, especially at such a small scale.

Fabric was stuff I used fabric spraypaint on.

Anyway, there’s actually not that much more to do, though I’m sure it will take me ages.

Merry Monday meant a little time spent on the 2018 Santa by Prairie Schooler:

Tuesday’s trivial thing continued with “Refuse to Sink” by Hands On Design:

Loads of thread substitutions on this but I think I’ll just list them at the end when it’s finished.

Witchy Wednesday was, of course, Lila’s Studio‘s “Halloween Quaker“:

Slowly crawling across that top edge, lol… but I wanted something new, so I also started on “The Lunar Witch” by Autumn Lane Stitchery:

Of course, if I want instant gratification, I’ll probably start something smaller as this one’s not all that big on the 22 count aida that I hand-dyed, but large parts of it are full coverage.

Lastly, for Tropical Thursday, I was chipping away at By The Bay Needleart‘s “Blue Hawaiian Garden“:

Still a lot to do on this but it feels like the end is in sight, too… at which point if I’m still working on “Refuse to Sink” that will become my Thursday piece and I’ll start working on a Valentine’s piece on Tuesdays.