Witchy Wednesday: October 20, 2021

So… at least the goddamn Mercury retrograde is over. This one’s been a bitch, it seems.

Although I guess there’s something to be said for the more one puts stock in such things, the more they affect you because it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy… but then the reason I started paying attention to the retrogrades was when I noticed them lining up with periods of shitty and seemingly random occurrences.


The full moons do seem to have some sort of actual effect from what I’ve heard about actual research, though one might argue that if people think they’re affected by it, they may well inadvertently be more careless on the road, say, and thereby land their stupid asses in the ER.

But back to self-fulfilling prophecies.

I’ve mentioned before about having been a LaVeyan Satanist for years. Now, I mostly look back and cringe, but there were a couple good points. Like when LaVey said something to the effect of it being important to be slow to believe in anything for belief in one false principle is the beginning of much unwisdom (probably half quoting, half paraphrasing there).

He probably plagiarized that from Might Is Right like so many other things, but still. It’s a valuable lesson.

Believing in nonsense can slowly start to spiral and ruin your life, step by step, falsehood by falsehood.

Some of the obvious ways this happens in the current year are things that are nearly verboten to speak of, of course.

But it always helps to evaluate how things are going and how things are working in your life. And where they’re not working, is the apparent solution that you read about one that takes you closer to how we know our species has survived and thrived for millenia? Or is it some new hitherto unrevealed secret that will restrict your life and world even further?

Bonus points if the new secret that promises to fix your life comes at a high price.