A fun FB post courtesy of U2, plus some rambling about electric vehicles

Ah, Facebook… mostly I hate you, but every so often you serve me up with some lulz that almost make up for the fact that you’re an evil empire in control of thought policing and personal information harvesting masquerading as just a fun place to chat with my sane friends and find out which “friends” are best removed from my life…

Today was one of the lulz days, courtesy of a post from my newly favorite Irishman (not counting my own creation Pádraig O’Seachnasaigh in the web series I’m developing, but since Pádraig doesn’t actually exist, I guess the honor does properly belong to Bono):

OMG, he’s hilarious… and even my Bono-bashing brother replied with “Based as fuck” when I sent this to him.

Anyway, here’s the comments I added when I shared the post to my timeline (on my secret “sane friends only” account):

Y’know… I know some of you on my friends list absolutely hate him, but I’ve kinda developed a pet theory about Bono over the last several months that he may well be smarter and funnier than he’s often given credit for and that he may indeed be trolling lefties, including his own fan base.

This latest post pretty much confirms this for me. A car is going to drive the ‘rona away? LOL… he’s said virtually nothing about the big C for the last 2 years (and thank God for that!) but he definitely knows his idiot colleagues have been spazzing and shilling about it the whole time.

And it’s an electric car and he’s miming having to push the fucking thing when the battery craps out. (If it was just the “bowing down” sort of gesture, why have one leg back instead of simply kneeling? That’s clearly pushing the damn hunk of scrap.)

This is on par with the time he got the honorary knighthood but can’t be called Sir because he’s not a UK citizen so he quipped about other things people can call him instead of Sir and I think the list included “Lord of Lords” and “God.”

Also, dude owns a party yacht that he named “Kingdom Come.” 🤣🤣🤣

PS: I don’t buy for a second that Bono drives a goddamn Fiat of any sort. Even much lower level music biz guys I knew all drove Mercedes or BMW as their daily beaters. Fiat’s for the interns making nothing but wanting to look fancy. But I do buy that Fiat probably paid Bono a couple million to make this post.

In fairness, I’m sure Bono does think electric vehicles are a positive step forward.

As do I… provided one ignores that pesky issue with the rare earth minerals and the environmental destruction that must happen in order to obtain them, and the other pesky issue with how often slave labor is used to conduct that environmental destruction.

And the other pesky issue about how do you get the electricity to power these things? Everyone blathers about solar power, but you’re back to the mining issues for components to make them, and in some climates (*cough*Ireland*cough*Canada*cough*) they aren’t actually that efficient for charging an electric car. Wind power is the same, plus the turbines chop up birdies, including rare and endangered ones, plus you need oil to lubricate them.

That brings the option of hydroelectric, which is cool and all if you’re into flooding untold square miles of land and drowning every living thing in it to create the reservoirs.

And let’s not talk about how many places still get their electricity from burning coal, because that defeats the whole purpose. I mean, you might as well have a gas guzzler and skip the middle man.

There is one clean and relatively limitless source of power, and I’m sure our Irish cara is smart enough to know about it, but I’m equally sure he dare not endorse it even if he’s willing to entertain the idea as the best of all currently available solutions: nuclear power.

Yes, yes, yes… Chernobyl… but those incidents are rarer than issues with any other power source, and the technology is far better now than it used to be.

But even if the oil industry stopped bribing the media to slander its main rival energy source, and we all had nice new cleaner reactors in our towns, there’s another issue with electric cars: infrastructure.

The grid is fucked. Basically, it was designed in what might as well be antiquity now, and it currently lacks the capacity for having more than say 3 electric cars charging overnight in each block, otherwise the system is overwhelmed and shit would crash.

Let’s see here, the block I live on has a dozen houses, and some of those houses have 2 or 3 cars each… yeah, that ain’t gonna work.

And no one is putting any work or improvements into the grid and increasing its carrying capacity, yet governments all over are saying they will mandate electric vehicles/ban gas vehicles and do so within 15 years… but they won’t improve the grid in those 15 years.

But anyway, I appreciate the humorous endorsement of the Fiat, and since I’m moving to California as soon as I can (I know, I know, it’s a commie hellhole, but I have my reasons for going there of all places, even as I acknowledge that Florida is the far superior fun and sun state) and they’re pushing the electric car shit pretty hard, I will dutifully put Fiat on the short list of cars to consider buying there once my old beat up Chevy finally craps out on me or is made more illegal than intentionally giving small children AIDS or whatever abomination the bleeding hearts are insisting be decriminalized there this week.

I also appreciate the nice view of Bono’s backside. Next time, please squeeze yourself into that skintight shiny red leather outfit from the Zoo TV tour.

After all, it matches the car.