Cell swap blues, sacrificing my nails for music, and some garden produce

Yawn… ‘scuse me, I’m a little sleep-deprived this week, had a bunch of nights of not getting more than 5 or 6 hours of sleep and some of those nights were broken up by frequent waking within that time.

Also, I’m using “nights” loosely as I’ve been getting to sleep close to dawn.

It’s been hot and sticky again, which didn’t help. At some point this morning I awakened to the sound of rain pounding the roof. I actually thought I was dreaming that, but I got up and peered out the window to see the road was wet and I could smell that ozone-y smell of fresh rain.

It didn’t last, but it was an improvement, and there might be a little more rain tonight. There’s also the promise of rain next weekend, but I’ll believe that when it comes because every summer at this time the forecast seems to say that there will be rain 5 days from now, but they keep bumping it every days and it usually doesn’t come. So, we’ll see.

So… what did I do this week…

Well, I switched my internet, home phone, and cell providers this week. This went pretty smoothly except for the hassles involved with the cell phones. One was resolved within a couple hours, the other, which is actually my dad’s cell phone, ended up being a hassle.

I spent 4 hours trying to sort it out, including 2 hours on the phone to both Rogers and Telus.

Turns out the phone was a locked one from Rogers, but to unlock it, they needed some IMEI code… which I found, but then it wasn’t in their records as if I hadn’t gotten it from them, even though I did…

And I got one tech support person who was trying to figure it out, but then my phone died so I had to call back and got someone else… who seemed to think the phone must already be unlocked… and that somehow there must be something wrong with the new Telus SIM card, even though it worked just fine when I put it in a different phone.

So… basically, either Dad needed to get his own plan on Rogers or one of their faux-competitors that they own, or he needed to get a new phone that would work with Telus.

And I tried to convince him of the latter except he has a completely unrealistic notions. Like he wanted a simple, cheap flip phone, but he also wanted it to have access to Google Maps and weather apps. So, a smart phone. But when I was showing him models of flip phones on Amazon, he wanted one that cost less than $35… but the flip phones are $75… but then he wanted a smart phone for the $75.


My brother figured out that one of Rogers’ subsidiaries that offer cheap plans would work with his existing phone, and initially he didn’t want to do that but then after an hour he changed his mind.

I hate dealing with cell phone bullshit, I really do.

Less of a headache was when I took my clarinet in for a servicing over the weekend. They did a bit of tweaking on the alignment and all that. Some things seem a little more nimble, but I still have some squeaky notes and I think that’s user error.

My teacher was also concerned that I don’t have enough curve in my fingers on those notes and I should be covering the rings more on the very tips of my fingers, not too different from guitar, rather than further back with flatter fingers as I had been doing.

Just one problem: I’ve been growing my nails longer and that presents a problem for using the very tips of my fingers.


Well, have a moment of silence for my formerly lovely long nails that I had to get rid of on Wednesday night:

These were actually shorter than usual as I’d done some filing down to blunt the ends and shorten them a bit a couple days beforehand.

Oh well. It had to be done. And I guess now I have no excuse for not practising guitar again, too.

Well, not much else to report for the week, let’s move to some garden pics:

Managed to get decent pics of these tigridia flowers – each bloom only lasts a day and usually they’ve withered up for the night when it’s been cool enough for me to venture outside.
This year’s garlic harvest after curing in the sun for a couple weeks. The bulbs might have been bigger had I cut the scapes off when I should have.
The scapes did, however, yield tons of these bulbils which will be garlic in a couple years. This is just a small amount of the bulbils, which ended up scattering all over my patio.
Last fall/winter my brother saved seeds from the organic delicata squash he was eating. I planted them and now I have a couple squash growing, just waiting for the skins to harden up enough to harvest them.
Black-eyed Susans in the backyard
One of the bigger sunflowers the birds planted from dropped seeds. 7 or 8 feet tall.