More dolls, less lupins/foxglove/columbine

Slow news week, but whatever.

Two weeks until my brother returns and I need to get the spare room ready for him. Let’s get real: this will probably all be done in the last 48 hours and not a moment sooner.

In terms of other clean-up, my dad got sick of the gout weed in my front beds that I’ve been meaning to get around to but haven’t. This then revealed that an area of the front flowerbed where I’ve kept putting in foxgloves, lupins, and columbine the last few years didn’t really have much in them.

I know damn well I had 5 lupins in there last summer, and there’s only one. Foxgloves, of course, are biennials so they need replenishing, but they still don’t seem to have self-seeded. I do have a couple in here. And as for columbines… well, there were 5 here last year. Now there’s 1. I do have columbines elsewhere in the front yard, both ones I planted and ones that self-seeded.

Anyway, I will plant lupin, foxglove, and columbine seeds yet again, but for the short term I bought 2 more lupins and otherwise got some colorful annuals to fill things in til the frost.

I also got some superbells and superbenas to plus some other gaps.

Sadly, it seems the birds didn’t plant any sunflowers for me this year as they did last year, but I have a packet of ‘Taiyo’ sunflower seeds that I will plant later today as well as some ‘Russian Mammoth’ and the shorter ‘Teddy Bear’.

It’s funny – of all the flowers in my yard that passersby can see, what people always ask me about are the sunflowers, which were mostly planted by the birds in the fall of 2019 for last summer. This year I’ll have to take matters into my own hands.

In other news, I’ve outlined a short novel I’ll be writing and I decided to try using dictation when it comes to writing it. Supposedly you can get about 4000-5000 an hour with dictation versus about 1000 with typing. Now I just need to start dictating.

Speaking of writing projects, I’ve been acquiring more little props and whatnot for the web series I’m writing. I’ve also been getting more dolls as “extras” as I’ve mentioned before.

Funnily enough, despite that the last three acquisitions being slated as “background extras” I found as soon as they arrived I could imagine whole backstories for each which will then lead to more episode storylines.

I still haven’t ordered any of the 4 frumps I mentioned before, though I did find one doll at Winners that fits the bill (far left below).

Did I post the soon-to-be third ex-wife of the main character before? I don’t remember. Here she is on the left (along with the bitchy older pageant sister of another character I did mention before).

A couple weeks back the Zamo episode mentioned a “Squeaky Simon that time he forgot to sing ‘The Reflex’ on YouTube man-Barbie doll”… that would be this guy:

Who does he remind me of… I swear I can’t put my finger on it, lol… but it ain’t Simon Le Bon…

Did you know that the 12″ GI Joes have giant feet that will not fit into shoes for a Ken doll? I didn’t.

Guess I’ll have to look for some specific GI Joe shoes… also, guess that’s why the main character’s soon-to-be third ex-wife is screwing her (GI Joe) personal trainer, lol… (not this particular GI Joe, I have this one for a whole other storyline, the personal trainer one is on order.)

Anyway, let’s see a shot of the main characters (well, plus 2 or 3 lesser characters):

Ah… enough of that, let’s wrap the post up with a couple more pics from the garden this week: