An Tíogar, Kill da Wabbit, and the clematis and roses are starting

It’s beginning to look a lot like “damn it, not this again”-mas…

After a while of vacillation, work began today on the new maQLu album. Well, a new album of some sorts, we’ll see if it goes under the maQLu banner or not when I get closer to the mix stage and know what it’s gonna sound like.

First up, “An Tíogar” (Irish for ‘the tiger’), 140bpm, 6/4 time, and that’s about all I know so far, other than I’m using my old mentor Bill Kennedy’s snare sample as a good luck charm. And probably the music on top will be half time to get a push-pull with the tempo. Or something.

Well, I know a lot more in terms of inspiration and theme, but… all that shit can change.

To a certain extent I don’t even know why I’m doing a new album other than it feels like something I kinda have to do. So we’ll see where it leads.

Speaking of predatory cats, I was in the garden this evening, watering the front yard, and I heard rustling in the garden. I look and I see a black tail straight up against the little fence.

Then a small bunny bolts across the yard, the neighbor’s black cat (more of a panther than a tiger) in full pursuit.

“Good kitty! Get him, don’t let that little shit in my veggie garden!”

A couple more back and forths across the yard, the cat pounces and I hear a high pitched shriek, then stillness for a few seconds before the cat struts back to the neighbor’s with a limp bunny in its mouth.


Now I kinda feel like an asshole.

But only kinda, because to Hell with rabbits, they’ll destroy everything in my veggie garden and with the way shit is these days… I mean… I kinda want as much production as possible out of my yard as a security thing.

And the cat was doing what God put him on this earth to do.

And I told him to get the bunny.

Oh well. It is what it is. Sucks to be a wabbit. Good kitty!

I finished watering and went inside to schedule the next couple weeks of Zamo episodes (got sidetracked last week and didn’t get it done on time) and write this post.

Not a whole lot else going on this week other than brainstorming and weeding. But the clematis and roses have started to show their faces, so here ya go:

And the first poppies have also opened: