Top 10 fashion faux pas

10. Lime green ostrich leather lederhosen
9. Adult sized onesies with hot rod flames
8. Ski mask pulled down under the nose when worn in a bank (over the nose is of course just fine in the current year)
7. Vintage 1980s gold lame party mini-dress worn to your mother-in-law’s funeral
6. Khakis. Just don’t.
5. U2 t-shirts at your local Irish nationalist pub
4. Socks with sandals. Ever.
3. Bleached white denim Daisy Dukes and a crochet bikini top at your cousin’s high Catholic mass wedding
2. Bellydance costumes at any job interview… well, unless the boss is a dude looking for a secretary.
1. Mom jeans, no matter what the fashion blogs insist is in this season