Forget what I said about university, lol…

First up, an update about the whole returning to university thing: Yeah, forget that. LOL… I mentioned a bit about this on the last episode of Under My Skin, but the decision is now final.

I started having doubts last week, though both my brother and my best friend were kinda hinting in December about “you sure you want to do this? You sure you won’t hate everyone there?” But I thought, “whatever,” and it looked like things would remain online and it’s easier to ignore bullshit on a screen.

But then a bunch of teeny things started to add up to piss me off. Little things that I’ll sound like an asshole for mentioning, but let’s just say the sort of little things to be expected at a commie indoctrination centre… er, modern university.

Not the least of which was seeing on the university’s Reddit some guy asking about free speech on campus and then getting dogpiled by cunts in the replies, even though he didn’t really say anything in his initial post other than mentioning the vile phrase “free speech.”

Granted, if you have to ask… LOL…

You already know the answer, dude.

And you might wanna heed what Ben Shapiro said about his undergrad: just straight up lie to your idiot profs and regurgitate what they want to hear, collect your As and honours, leave, make a bunch of money and use your clout as a rich alumni to get your revenge. Or at least laugh at them every time they phone you to ask for donations and tell them they’ll never see a goddamn penny until they fire all their shitty profs.

Or, y’know, don’t go there and let them starve for lack of tuition and relevancy when all the sane and smart people start to boycott the SOBs.

Anyway, this all had me 99% leaning to taking my own advice about not giving them a penny of tuition.

But still, I held out on a decision until seeing the summer 2021 schedule as I figured that would tell me a lot about what things will be like in September.

Well, there’s only one writing course listed for the summer, and as it is a big lecture class, not a workshop, it will be online. Which is what I wanted.

However, here’s the sign: it’s called “Writing Into Climate Change.”

Now, never mind the climate change part, the climate is always changing one way or another on this wretched little dirtball (we’re still emerging from the last Ice Age and might start sliding back into the next one at any point, usually they come every 20,000 years or show and it’s been 10,000).

And of course the university ‘tards are all in on carbon footprints as the new Original Sin wherein we have done Bad Things that will cause an angry God or Goddess or Gaia to punish us. Understood.

No, what really slammed the door for me was that it’s not even grammatically correct.

Writing INTO Climate Change? What the Hell does that even mean? Shouldn’t it be Writing About Climate Change? Or Writing In The Midst Of Climate Change? Or Writing Against Climate Change?

But Writing Into Climate Change? Is that like leaning into a turn? In which case, are they saying write more terrible pulp fiction porno like 50 Shades of Grey to kill more trees faster?

This, by the way, was the title chosen by a professor who has a PhD. Granted, he’s one of them fancy academic poets I wrote about not too long ago, so…


And I note the dude taught a class this year whose textbook list included one written by an ecology professor at this same university who was the most pompous and asinine guest speaker my former garden club ever brought in… and that so many of the other members of the club thought him so brilliant was definitely a factor in why I decided to not renew my membership.

Of course, one need not take such a course, but it’s an indication of how things might go and… well… it’s a big nope.

Yes, this means one potential door into the USA is closed as no university = no BFA = no MFA = no pretence to go to a Yankee school and thus move to the USA for however many years, but I’ll figure out another way.

Or I’ll just move to Mexico, which is rather simpler. And probably cheaper.

What else happened this week… that I didn’t mention on Under My Skin already… that isn’t a project to be launched in the next month or two (and even in a week or two) such that I can talk about it already and not then…

Well, I broke a shovel replanting a Japanese maple, so there’s that. And I planted a bunch of primulas, plus the last 100 small bulbs that I was supposed to plant in October (crocuses and grape hyacinths, all with varying degrees of shoots already growing).

Better late than never… either way, I hope the damn squirrels leave them alone, but if they don’t, well… I already spent the money, so whatever.