How big of a Royals fan are you?

1. The British royal family belong to
a. the Hanoverian dynasty
b. the House of Windsor
c. an intergalactic cabal of lizard-people ruling over humanity for their own nefarious purposes

2. When Prince William becomes king, he will be
a. King William IV
b. immensely popular
c. old, fat, and bald

3. The love of Prince Charles’ life is/was
a. his mistress turned second wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles
b. his first wife, Princess Diana
c. his late horse Allibar, who died in his arms

4. Prince Phillip’s favorite hobbies include
a. buggy racing
b. landscape painting
c. praying that his wife, Queen Elizabeth, doesn’t take after her forebear Henry VIII and have him sent to the Tower for beheading

5. Queen Elizabeth II’s proudest moments include
a. the births of her children, grandchildren, and great-granchildren
b. establishing the Commonwealth
c. knocking that bitch Annie Leibowitz down a few pegs